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Coquette Dragoon Chapter Three

Every time she returned to this hangar, it felt colder. When she put on her pilot suit, it felt like it changed her.

Every time she boarded her dragoon and connected to its system, it didn’t just feel like it was changing her.

A world full of things she’s never seen before, a world she doesn’t know how to live in, and a world she had to give everything for.

Having money, living in gravity, proper food, proper baths. Meeting an animal for the first time, learning to use a knife and fork, friends who don’t degrade you all the time. But as the order to leave for the battlefield approaches, will it really be worth it?

Drowning in her emotions, Xio’s life as a dragoon pilot continues.

Coquette Dragoon is an R18 work featuring nudity, violence and strong themes, reader discretion is advised.

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AuthorIvy J
TagsLGBT, mech, Romance, Sci-fi


Get this comic and 2 more for $7.00 USD
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