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Coquette Dragoon Chapter Two

'It felt like she had been allowed to live, to change, to one day feel human again. '

A story of vulnerability and transformation, the second chapter of Coquette Dragoon.

Isolated within her life as a soldier of nobility, Lady Honey Rose grows closer to a newfound friend, finding herself experiencing a form of closeness she had given up on ever experiencing.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the war, Xio takes her first step into the cockpit and finds herself changed by the experience.

Coquette Dragoon is an R18 work featuring nudity, violence and strong themes, reader discretion is advised.

Coquette Dragoon Chapter 2 is told through prose broken up by illustration and sketches.

Chapter 2 is available as a downloadable HTML file that you read in your web browser. Simply download and extract the zip and open the Coquette.html file with your browser of choice to read!

A PDF version is also available, however I strongly recommended reading the HTML version instead if possible, as certain aspects of its formatting are incompatible with the pdf format (continuous scrolling, formatting of certain images, etc) I made this version available for readers who wish to read on mobile, or otherwise can't use the HTML version.

Coquette Dragoon now has a website! You can read Chapter 1 FREE with a new page every Tuesday and Friday, or buy the full chapter here to support my work and read it all right away! http://coquettedragoon.com/

You can find Chapter One here: https://burgeroise.itch.io/coquette1

You can find me on twitter! https://twitter.com/burgeroise

You can also support Coquette Dragoon and get early access to upcoming chapters at Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Burgeroise

AuthorIvy J
TagsLGBT, mech, Romance, Sci-fi


Get this comic and 2 more for $7.00 USD
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I was actually pretty excited for this format change. There are some pretty famous european cartoonists (tove jansson, walter moers, probably some other people) who transitioned to writing (sometimes illustrated) novels, so I think it's a pretty logical trajectory to take.

The accelerated learning sequence is really cool and scary. Like it's not subtle but it has to be not subtle because that kind of thing in fiction tends to be a positive fantasy, even though it's scary.

Thank you! I'm glad you like the format change, it's allowed me to explore a lot more with my characters in a way I'm really enjoying... And I'm glad you enjoyed that scene, it was one of my favorites to write.