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'But that means I'm special, right? Only one in ten thousand are chosen.'

A story of royalty, space murder and catgirls, Coquette Dragoon!

A young woman and her lifelong companion try and find a new happiness in a horribly wrong future. Shrapnel wounds, cigarettes, beautiful girls and the best food she's ever eaten, Xio is starting her first day as a pilot, but it's not quite what she expected... This was the right decision, right?

Inspired by works like Revolutionary Girl Utena, Gundam 1979 and Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Coquette Dragoon is a romantic science fiction series about girls love and emotions in the whirlwind of noble class politics and endless war.

63 Pages and additional bonus guest art! Available in PDF and CBR format (CBR requires a CBR reader)

Coquette Dragoon is an R18 work featuring nudity, violence and strong themes, reader discretion is advised.

You can find me on twitter! https://twitter.com/burgeroise

You can also support Coquette Dragoon and get early access to upcoming chapters at Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Burgeroise

AuthorIvy J
Tagsmech, Romance, Sci-fi


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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i'm so glad to see this is out!

here's what may be this series's first fan theory: the reason Cima got all up in Xio's space like that... is because she didn't have her glasses on, so she couldn't see her too well

i read this in  under 20 minutes as i was so excited for it to be out on itch!! i'm already so invested, and everyone's so cyuute.. i can't wait for chapter two!